lard·er   /lärdər/   noun    a room or place where food is kept, a pantry. 

light   /līt/   noun    something that makes things visible or affords illumination. 

Larder + Light are the two essential ingredients in food photography. Any good illustration of the process of growing, creating, and enjoying food involves the raw ingredients and the illumination needed to photograph them. 

Larder + Light is the home of creative food photography by Carrie Turner. From farm and field to kitchen and table, I work with my clients to create storytelling images that provide a complete vision of your product, process, or establishment.

I believe that food and nourishment are the heart of our relationships, families, and communities. I strive to make  photographs that go further than illustrating just the final product, but also inform us about the origins of our food, the processes and people that come together to create it, and the places within which we enjoy it. 

I look forward to connecting with you and telling your story. Reach me at info@larderandlight.com or 828.279.9730. 

Food and product photography shoots include access to my library of surfaces. linens, and table settings. Each session includes a collaborative styling consultation where we will develop a shot list and styling guide for your shoot.